At Open Conversations: Counseling and Assessments, we strive to enhance the concept of therapy. Let us help you put the puzzle pieces together.

Open Conversations: Counseling and Assessments is focused on providing clients with customized counseling and therapy services. We provide individual, family and couples counseling to fit your needs. In addition to counseling and therapy services, we offer psychoeducational assessments for children, adolescents and adults struggling with expectations at school and the workplace.

Life is an amazing journey and it unfolds for us at every moment in time with or without our permission. Sometimes, this journey leaves us emotionally, physically and mentally drained! That’s where the licensed professional team at Open Conversations can help you take the steps toward healing and support.

Call us today, let us walk with you and have several “Open Conversations: to a happier you….You deserve it!


Counseling is a huge step for many who are experiencing difficulty managing a crisis, tragedy or everyday life experiences. Sometimes, all it takes is a Licensed Professional who actively listens and uses an “Open Conversation” approach to guide you in the direction of your goals and aspirations. It is not easy to take this first step; however, once you do, your next step will not be alone. You will have an experienced Licensed Professional Counselor to take the next steps with you……one conversation at a time.

We are a private mental healthcare practice of Board Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors and Supervised Master’s Level Professional Counselor interns. Our team has a vast array of certification levels and over 25 years of experience. We work with individuals, families and couples to help put theory and practice to its best use; building lifestyles that are fulfilling, rich and healthy. We love what we do and strive to create an environment and experience that encourages healthy mental healthcare.