We need to take the stigma & fear out of depression by changing the narrative. It is not a disease. It is a part of the ups and downs of life and a signal from our bodies that we need to change something or take action.
~Dr. Caroline Leaf~


Welcome to Counseling and Therapy!

Everyone deserves a Therapist! We are changing the face of mental healthcare. Welcome to Open Conversations: Counseling and Assessments where therapy is not just for Level 4 and 5 patients anymore; therapy is for everyone and anyone who finds that life sometimes gets difficult.

Having someone who won't judge you; provides confidentiality in a relaxing and secure environment to learn coping skills and strategies to manage everyday stressors such as work, school, life or traumas is invaluable.

We are a team of Licensed Clinical Therapists and Supervised Master's Level Clinical Professionals who are passionate about helping you maintain a healthy mental space. Our clinicians are trained mental healthcare professionals who have joined together to build a professional, yet passionate team trained in a variety of disciplines dealing with depression, anxiety, PTSD, bipolar, trauma, family issues, child-adolescent-teenage issues and everyday life strugges. Our approach at Open Conversations is to meet each client where they are and help them take the next steps in their journey to an enriched lifestyle.

Mental health is an essential part of everyone's healthy lifestyle, just like eating properly, getting routine checkups, and exercising. All play a critical role in living the best life you can each and every day.

Call to schedule an appointment and come in to have an Open Conversation......then, watch life get better "One Conversation at a time".