Teletherapy allows you to start the therapy process in the comfort of your home, at the office or in a private location of your choosing. Teletherapy is secure, private and the best practice during these unprecedented times "COVID-19 Pandemic".

To protect you, the consumer and your licensed professional counselor, we will continue providing Teletherapy even after the stay-at-home order is lifted. In a survey, provided to our current and potential clients, an overwhelming 98% chose to continue with Teletherapy until better and safe COVID-19 measures are in place in our society.

Here are some Teletherapy tips:

  • Choose a private and secure place to have your session. Your sessions are yours alone, so unless you alert your therapist; please ensure your privacy.
  • Choose the device you will use: computer, laptop, tablet or phone. It is encouraged that you use your earpiece device to minimize background noise, audio-feedback or any distractions.
  • Remember to dress modestly.
  • Test your device to ensure it is charged or has a charger nearby.
  • Alert your therapist if you will be delayed or need to reschedule. If you need to reschedule, your therapist will need at least 24 hours notice.
  • Write down any notes, thoughts, feelings or topics you want to bring to your therapist's attentions. This will help you to be more engaged and involved in the progress of your session.
  • Relax, Share and Grow...have an Open Conversation each time.