My passion and dedication over 23 years in therapy and education has allowed me to help a host of individuals and families find strength in learning, coping skills and strategies that best help them achieve their ideal life. Children often struggle with school issues; the right psychoeducational assessment can reveal what your next true steps should be in making school fun and life exciting. My goal is to improve your mental health and educational outlook. My approach aims to find out your goals, struggles and strength to help you attain positive living again. Every day is a good day to live out loud; to scream your dreams; to embrace growth. Let's have an open conversation



Ever feel like you're stuck on the same path or the wrong path?
Many of us go through times like these in our lifetime. Having a Licensed Counselor to help you find ways to move forward just might be the answer you’re looking for. I'm here to help you identify obstacles in your path, and to feel empowered to navigate those obstacles effectively. There are many strategies and coping skills that we can work on together to find what works best for you.

If you're looking for guidance through a challenging situation, ready to move in a new direction in your life, or just want support; I am ready and willing to collaborate with you to achieve your goals.

Counseling and therapy are a passion and career choice that I have embraced. I work with individuals and families who have encountered crises and trauma, as well as those dealing with depression, anxiety, substance use and behavioral issues. I provide a shared approach to counseling to meet your needs, values and beliefs. I use a customized Cognitive Behavioral approach with you to build a life you feel good about and choices that fit you.

Life can have many twists and turns, many of which causes mental and emotional challenges. Let’s work together to get you back on the path you desire, one conversation at a time. I look forward to working with you soon.



As a Licensed Graduate Professional Counselor, I know the difficulties that some people face in their walk of life. I would love to help you find growth and healing through the counseling process. My therapeutic approach is eclectic, which, allows me to meet my clients where they are, and use appropriate techniques to assist them in meeting their personal goals.

I conduct assessments, individual therapy, group therapy and educational therapy. I bring over 7 years of experience working in the field of special education, human services, and behavorial health. I have experience with substance use disorders, anxiety disorders, depression, PTSD, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and play therapy.

When I am not counseling, I enjoy laughing, outdoor activities, sports and spending time with family and friends.

Come in and let's have an open conversation soon.