Open Conversations


Meet Dr. Belton

I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, an educator, a supervisor, a human being, a therapist, and an entrepreneur. The adjectives that goes in front of those nouns varies depending on who you ask. Most of what you need to know is that
I built Open Conversations for you!
Since my journey started, I have met many people who challenged me to be and do my best work…that work has always been a compassionate person who knows and understands that life is not always easy and everyone deserves a good therapist.

Open Conversations…means no textbooks roles; just start with an open conversation about your goals, dreams, fears, anxiety, hopes, wishes, or stress so our team can professionally get you to the vision you see for yourself.

There are many people who have allowed me the honor and privilege of helping them through life’s journey; for that I am grateful. My compassion and dedication over the past 28 years in education and healthcare has allowed me the honor of assisting a host of individuals and families find strength in learning new coping skills and strategies that best help them achieve their ideal life. My goal is for the team at Open Conversations to help you improve your mental health and wellness. Our approach is to simply have…an Open Conversation to find out your goals, struggles and strength. Every day is a good day to live out loud; to scream your dreams; to embrace growth. Let’s have an open conversation today!